Why Tailored Software?

Every company is unique: different teams with different experiences lead to different strategies. A custom-made cloud application that covers all aspects of the company saves time and money and helps to keep control of the business.
Entertainment enterprises have to deal with many exploitation forms like sales or licensing and stakeholders like licensors or artists. Losing track not only means losing money. It can become a serious problem to the business.
Out of the box solutions such as Excel or SAP can’t match this complexity and outsourcing consolidates fragmentation while stressing the budget.

That’s why our tailored software is your solution. It can hold all your data in one place and allows you to:

  • no longer pay for services like royalty accounting or book keeping
  • avoid copy and paste from one insular solution to another
  • reduce costs by accomplishing complex tasks with a few mouse clicks
  • analyse and forcast your business in realtime
  • so much more that only a tailor made web app can give you!

Let us inspire you with one of our master pieces:
- designed for music labels

Dedicated to Music Labels and their partners.
core db is the tailored software to review everything from products, contracts, sales, royalty statements, promo and so much more.


Where your day starts.

With Agenda you are always in the loop. Because core db handles your entire business, Agenda has your entire dates, like release dates, signings, compilations that feature your products and more.

Agenda puts important things where they belong. In your focus.


in all the right places.

Link what should be linked: release dates, label copies, info and promo texts, you name it!

Creating a product is easy as 1-2-3. EANs & Cat No. are applied automatically, tracklists can be drag’n droped.

Product Management taken seriously.


Create, Compare, Sign.

Licenses is not only a collection of all your contracts, it’s an unique tool:

Compare condidtions while creating a new agreement, view your gain from past deals in all details when negotiating.
What became important, what turned out to be insignificant?

Know the past to know the future.


State of the art Royalty Statements

Make your life easier by providing the most modern royalty statements. core db automatically sends clearly arranged PDFs as well as an enrypted link to interactive statistics.

Cross account costs or contracts. Monthly, quaterly or biannually.

  • Tracks

    For Masters & Masterpieces.

    Have all your recordings in a place, where you can review licensors and licenses, contracts, bundled products or income per track.

    Let Tracks generate ISRCs or detect durations automatically.

    Is a track assigned to a contract twice? Was an ISRC used more than once? - Tracks alerts you.

  • Artists

    All artists infos ready to publish.

    Artists holds all you artists in one place, where you can enter and update for example the biography or social media links. The infos can then be used for the promotion section, your homepage or even for distribution.

  • Controlling

    For a better business.

    Controlling gives the answers to all your questions: Which artists was most successful on iTunes in Canada last year?
    Which product generates what income and what will remain after licensors have been paid and all costs are covered?
    Which licensees did not send a royalty statement? Or forgot to pay? core db sends them a friendly reminder. Automatically.

  • Partners

    Efficiency at it’s best.

    The centralised partner pool not only allows you to use it everywhere in core db. The details of each partner like tax numbers or bank accounts are used for the invoice and credit note section where the country or the legal form is used for automatically calculating the VAT and withholding tax.

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