Where your day starts

With Agenda you are always in the loop. Because core handles your entire business, Agenda has your entire dates, like release dates, signings, compilations that feature your tracks and more.

Agenda puts important things where they belong. In your focus.


In all the right places

Link what should be linked: release dates, label copies, info and promo texts, you name it!
Creating a product is easy as 1-2-3. EANs & Cat No. are applied automatically, track lists can be drag’n dropped.

Product Management taken seriously.

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Create, Sign, Account

Licenses is not only a collection of all your contracts, it’s an unique tool: enter terms in a form → select a custom template → send via Adobe Sign. And because the terms are already in the database, the accounting will be that easy as well.


State of the art Statements

Make your business easier by providing the most modern royalty statements. melino core automatically sends clearly arranged PDFs as well as an encrypted link to all details.
Cross account any costs or contracts. Monthly, quarterly or biannually.

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For a better business.

Which product generates what income, which costs did it caused and what will remain after licencors have been paid? Which licensees did not send a royalty statement? Or forgot to pay?
Get the answers with integrated Microsoft Power BI.