Be Independent. Act Major.

The New Music Business

melino is an experienced management for labels and producers.

“We can focus on music. melino does the rest.”
(Shaun Baker, Fave Rec)

Full Service

All Services. No fixed costs. No Term.

As a full service management, melino becomes a part of the label’ s team and takes care of the administration in every aspect.

With melino as the back office, the label can concentrate on A&R management and marketing.

And because we only work with people that want to work with us, there’s no contract term.

Label Software


Single and combinable services.

We are also offering our services to the music industry individually for a flat fee.

So if you are e.g. looking for royalty accounting experts with the best software or would like to promote your releases to 3,800+ professionals, melino is your partner.

Please get in touch with us and let’s chat about a suitable combination.

  • Overview
  • Royalties
  • Licensing
  • Promotion
  • Administration


Our competences. Your Support.

  • Legal affairs like licensing contracts, tax optimisation or even foundation
  • Licensing management, like exclusive and non-exclusive exploitation
  • Worldwide compilation and synchronisation placement
  • Manufacturing: the best quality for the best rates
  • Physical and digital distribution, direct or through an established distributor
  • State of the art Royalty statements for licensors with interactive, deep detailed reports
  • Promotion to 3,800 DJs, journalists and bloggers
  • Product pages for streaming and downloading all files, label copies and info texts
  • Worldwide claiming of neighboring right fees
  • Claiming and monetarisation on youtube
  • Access to everything through our own cloud app
  • Individual software adaptation of
  • No fixed costs - we just get a share of the profit so we only earn if you do.


In time, accurat, interactive.

  • most modern, interactive Royalty Statements
  • Invoice and credit note management
  • Complete control over copyright compensation and secondary revenues

With the jungle of different revenue streams for your music, it is easy to lose sight of the money that has been collected; especially if you prefer making music and scouting for new talent over sitting in front of spreadsheets and Excel.

We audit all sources of income including payments from collecting societies and international licensing partners to issue you accurate and professional statements four times a year.

Regarding collaborations, we also provide payments and statements for your business partners.

For easier financial planning and budgeting, you can check up-to-date balances in your personal label area.


More deals with better conditions.

  • National & International Licensing
  • Sample Clearance
  • Publishing Clearance
  • Compilation Support
  • Contract Negotiation

The hurdles of international licensing and favourable contracts for compilations are immense for independent artists and labels.

With our 20+ years of experience, we offer your work to renown international licensing partners and compilers; enabling you access to new markets with the most favourable conditions.

Years of working closely with music lawyers and the judicial side of the industry, have provided us the experience to create and negotiate your contracts.

We also provide cover and sample clearing for your next hit.


Closer to the opinion leaders.

  • Access to 3,800+ DJ´s, Bloggers & Journalists
  • Real-time Feedback on your work
  • Strategic Marketing Planning

Sending out a promo is easy, having it listened to and receiving valuable feedback is the real challenge.

Once we have helped you determine the best release date and market conditions, we provide access to our promotional pool of 3,800+ DJs and journalists in order to expand your network and to receive pre-evaluations to be integrated in your marketing plan.

Through Phononet, we grant you additional access to decision makers in the TV & radio industries as well as in digital channels.

By understanding the importance of marketing and social media, we will consult you on how to maximise your reach.

Finally, being an official partner of YouTube, we can also help you monetise your web content and advise you on future strategies.


Your back office that keeps you free.

  • Label Founding
  • Legal Affairs
  • Release Registration
  • Professional Product Pages
  • Distribution

With our help, you finally have the freedom to focus on what is important to you i.e. producing or discovering more music, or spending time with family and friends.

We take care of the bureaucracy involved in everything from founding a label to accounting for your royalties and distributing them to your partners.

We assign ISRCs and EANs and register your product with collecting societies to assure you receive all your allocated revenue.

Our reputation and long-standing partnerships allow us to offer you the best possible conditions with the distributor of your choice.

Furthermore, we create professional product pages with all the important information such as label copy, music & video download links, etc.

Once we’ve completed all the administrative work, you can log into your personal label area from anywhere in the world to review everything from release dates and real-time buyer reports to financials such as paid advances and invoices.

Does this sound good to you?

Just drop us an e-mail or call us.