"For the first time, all our label activities are bundled and perfectly structured."

Danny Faber, Bar 25
Ralph Ruthe

"I am a cartoonist and filmmaker. melino has enabled me to offer a soundtrack to my videos, creating a second revenue stream."

Ralph Ruthe, Ruthe Musik
Grete Grote

"melino is a bunch of damn great people, they just love what they are doing."

Britta Schewe, Grete Grote
Xtreme Sound

"Thanks to melino, we are able to focus on our music 100% and produce quickly and stress-free."

(Mike Rötgens, Xtreme Sound)

"It’s always a pleasure to work with professionals."

Helmut Heuer, Lounge Records
One Groove

"By providing a fantastic product page for every release, melino gives me a strong marketing tool for my social media activities."

Felix Flögel,
One Groove Records
N8 Stuff

"The label area provides an excellent overview of all our activities and finances."

Björn Jerusalem,
N8Stuff Records
Shaun Baker

"Working with melino is clear & simple. There are no contracts or fix costs. It´s all success driven."

Shaun Baker, Fave Rec

"I would have never guessed that our royalty income could be optimized so much."

Torsten Katzschner,
toka beatz
Miami Beatz

"Thanks to melino we turned a passion into a profession. Their efficient and flexible administrative support has enabled us to continuously release successfully."

Andre Kuschel, Miami Beatz

"With melino´s promo pool we reach renown DJs, journalists and bloggers and are constantly expanding our audience."

Deat Marotta,
Ultimative Music

"melino is a great team. We love the passion and joy they put into their work."

Peter Hennecke,
Légère Recordings

"No more Excel in our daily business! melino issues the most accurate and deep detailed statements I have ever seen."

Jürgen Bernert-Jagfeld,
Billybong Records

This is our story.

melino’s rich history in the music industry dates back more than 20 years.

Music producer and founder, Sebastian Wolter first uses the name as a pseudonym for a dance project in the early 90s.

Over the following years, melino evolves into a successful music production company and eventually its own label, called Uptunes. Many international successes and collaborations with renown labels worldwide follow.

Throughout the years, it becomes apparent that labels only work efficiently after they have reached a certain size and that the administration needs be automated to allow room for creative work. Based on this acknowledgement, Sebastian decides to develop a software in 2011 that encompasses all aspects of a label and centrally manages it: core db.

After more than a year of development, Sebastian surprises the industry with his novel service, label management. Instead of booking individual services, labels and producers can pass along all business areas into professional hands.

In 2013, the team moves into the betahaus in Berlin to be inspired by the creativity and energy to continue expanding their services.

2019 the melino team has 15 members.

Sebastian Wolter


German, English

+49 (176) 63 123 500


Sebastian started his career in the early 90s as a House DJ.

In 1994, he founded a music production company called melino and produced for many well known artists.

From 2000 onwards he has been working under his real name and joined forces with Shaun Baker for whom he instantly wrote and produced quite a few international chart hits.
In 2007, the strong partnership evolved in their very own record label named Uptunes.

After years of international successes and collaborations with renown labels worldwide, Sebastian wanted to share his experiences from 20 years in the music business.

This led him to reactivate melino as a label management in 2012. His aim is to boost the business of other labels and producers and help them to work more efficiently. With the services provided melino simplifies the music business by taking care of the entire administrative side.

Gülriz Talay

Label Manager

German, English, Turkish, French

+49 (151) 7060 2923


Gülriz, born and raised in Berlin, is an educated marketing consultant and worked many years successful in different Advertising- and Event agencies.

She decided to turn her passion for music into a career and completed her degree in Business Administration with a thesis about the digitalization in music industry. After working for Universal Music, she started as Product Manager for the music label Uptunes in 2010. Since 2012, she is the Label Manager for melino and is responsible for the whole product coordination and the main contact person for the clients.

Besides music and dancing, Gülriz loves her hometown Berlin, photography, traveling, summer, literature, coffee, sushi, and spending quality time with family & friends.

Andrea Palsherm

Accounting Manager

German, English

+49 (151) 220 269 55


Andrea grew up in Verl, a small countryside town next to Gütersloh, hometown of the famous Bertelsmann company.

Since she was a little girl, she has been feeling crazy about the world of facts & figures.

Although she began her career in the fashion industry she moved onto the music business in the late 90´.

In her spare time she loves to walk and run with her dog in the forests and landscapes located just beside her home.

Liane Willinghöfer

Project Manager

German, English

+49 (176) 63 183 449


Liane is a real organizational talent. With more than 20 years of professional experience in account management she coordinates all new activities for melino - always looking for the smartest way.

If she is not exploring virgin soils, she runs her parents farm. Her little boy and her dog also contribute to Lianes multifaceted life.

Tejas Trivedi

Agile Project Manager

English, Gujarati, Hindi, Polish



A passionate people’s person, with a degree in Electronics, Computer applications and Management, Tejas has a lot of experience of providing IT services in India, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland and the USA.

He understands well the needs of small and medium size companies and shares the passion for growth. He’s a Certified Scrum Master and a Certified Scrum Product Owner. Having lived in India, the Netherlands, Germany and Poland, he has a lot of interesting insights into bridging various cultures for mutual benefits.

Eric Akbar

Software Engineer

English, German

+49 (151) 532 142 70


Eric grew up in both the USA and Germany and has been living in Berlin since 2002.

He holds a Master of Science in Information Technology and has previously worked as a Software Engineer for Sierra Online and Mattel.

If you catch Eric away from his monitor and keyboard, chances are he is with his wife and kids in the back yard, charring something on the BBQ.

He also enjoys reading nerdy stuff, and going to father-son Kung Fu training on the weekends.

Mahesh Chavda

Software Engineer

English, Gujarati, Hindi



Coming soon!

Mayur Bhatt

Software Engineer

English, Gujarati, Hindi



Coming soon!


melino Label Management GmbH
Rudi-Dutschke-Straße 23
10969 Berlin, Germany